Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS) is dedicated to reducing the number of homeless animals in Northern Alberta, Canada

We believe that there is a suitable home for all homeless animals: young or old; large or small.

As a volunteer-run, registered charity, we care for these animals by providing veterinary care and foster homes for animals in need until a permanent home is found. These private foster homes provide the animals with warm shelter, food, exercise, and tender loving care (something that so many of the animals we receive have never experienced).

SCARS does not practice selective intake procedures and operates in a triage manner: taking the animal in most medical need first. As a result our medical expenses are enormous. Please consider donating to our rescue efforts.

Look At Us Now!

To date, SCARS has rescued and rehomed over 3,000 animals.

Because these animals live in our homes, we deveop a very deep bond with our fosters. Many of the adoptive families keep us updated on how well their new companions are thriving in their new homes.

To all the wonderful foster homes, all the tireless volunteers, all the compassionate furever-homes: we say a heartfelt thank-you!

Please support your local rescue society and consider adoption as opposed to buying your new friend.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Bramble (Beatrice)


Thought it was time I updated you on Bramble’s progress. Since adopting her in August she’s come a long way but is still very shy with strangers. She’s very bonded to me and will try to follow me wherever I go. She absolutely loves her walks and that’s where her real personality comes out – she can relax and just be the young dog she is. Her favourite outing is to go tobogganing with the two little boys in her family – she races them down the hill and then runs back and forth while they slowly make their way back up. She’s very bright and caught on to the tasks in obedience school quickly. And while she hasn’t yet convinced the family cat that he should play with her, she keeps trying. Her best buddy is another SCARS adoptee who lives 5 houses down from us on the block – they’ve had many a happy day having a play-date in our backyard. While I know that Bramble will probably never fully overcome her fears, she’s still a wonderful addition to our house who makes us laugh with her enthusiasm for snow, stuffies and peanut butter.


Friday, 26 December 2008


Thank-you SCARS for giving us the chance to welcome SweetPea into our family!

She really fits in with our household. And she loves her new sister and brother. She loves to cuddle up with them on the couch and take a nice nap. In the mornings, she will sit beside me and put her paws on my shoulders and give me a hug, and it melts my heart. She also gives A LOT of kisses to everyone who will accept them. Even the cat. SweetPea also enjoys truck rides and just about bursts at the seams when she knows it's time to go driving. She likes to look out the window and bark at the birds. SweetPea has made our little family complete and we love her deeply.

Thank you SCARS.

SweetPea and Susan

Stella (Abby)

Hello everyone at SCARS,

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update on Stella (who was named Abbey) who we adopted from Sylvia.

Abbey has been fantastic and a wonderful addition to our family. The first couple of days were hard on her as I believe she was adjusting to her new surroundings and family - myself, Lindsay and our two cats, Artoo and Felicity, but she is now definitely a huge part of our family. Since we adopted her, Abbey has gone from being quite shy and timid to very outgoing and playful. Christmas has been fantastic to all of us and Abbey received more gifts than any of us combined. We look forward to watching her grow and know that there will be plenty of Christmas' ahead to enjoy with her. So thank you SCARS and Sylvia for making our adoption process so easy. We never imagined that we would get someone as wonderful as Abbey. You've really enriched our lives with all of the hard work you all put in.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Tony, Lindsay, Artoo, Felicity and Abbey

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Nikki (AKA Tuff, Niko)


Niki is four now and the vet is so amazed at his progress. He is my constant companion.

Thank you all for your tireless work!

Wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2009.

Christie and Niki

May 29, 2008

It all started when I kept trying to ‘steal’ my daughter’s beautiful dog ‘Sasha!’ My daughter told me to get my own dog! My younger daughter, Kimi, discovered SCARS and said she was amazed at the variety of pups and dogs on this rescue site! I didn’t want a new puppy, they were easy to adopt, I wanted a dog that would be a great guard dog, large, tough and powerful.

I was immediately drawn to Niko. Not the picture, (the photos never do these beauties justice) not really the story, but something drew me to him, a feeling maybe. He had already been rescued once before.

Now he was back, rescued again.

Niki had spent the last two and a half years in very unfavorable conditions to say the least. Without going into details, I can only say this sweet boy did not learn the social skills puppies need to as they would when they grow up in calm happy homes. It was just the opposite for this pup. Needless to say, his social skills are lacking.

I am so grateful for the patience SCARS has with dogs like him. When Niko was rescued, for the second time, he was too close to being sent to canine-heaven; they came in the nick of time.

When I took him for his first walk, he saw a Doberman, and he ‘reacted’ like an “explosive bolt of lightning,” tore after the other dog, dragging me onto the road into oncoming traffic. (I cannot imagine what happened to him to make him react this way, but whatever occurred, I KNOW it was not his doing!) This is when I decided the 100 pounds of powerful Boxer-Lab and I were not going to die tonight! I tackled him, and rolled onto the sidewalk with him, thankful we were alive. (So were the man and the Doberman who kept running!)

The next day, we started our walks with a full harness, halter and collar, and I attached Niki to my waist with three leads. There was no way this would happen again! I would be ready! As soon as he saw another dog and started to growl, I gave him the very sharp and stern “LEAVE IT!” command. I made sure I was prepared and he knew I meant business. After months of walks, love, talking, love, commands, treats, love, training, love, treats, consistency, and building trust day in, day out, I realized I have a comical canine genius, who is 100% protective, wanting so much to please me. He is loyal, loving, neat and tidy (but I can’t get him to vacuum), great in the car, extremely Mr. Prefect in the house (not so much outside) but improving every day!

I can hardly wait to come home daily so we can play. I had to go to Sleep Country to buy a larger better bed, so we could both be more comfy! (YES really!) He follows me everywhere when I am home. (I’m at home a lot more than ever before because of my sweet Niki!) He has a new girlfriend next door. He adores my daughter and her boyfriend. He has a bed in almost every room and the best organic food money can buy.

He does not bark, rip furniture, make long distance phone calls, whine or destroy anything in the house. He is extremely content when I go to work (why not he gets the great bed all to himself!).
After our walks, he is happy to put his head on my lap as I read in bed or as I sit on the floor. (He never goes on the couch, as it is leather and he slides off! Too funny!) He is so patient and calm. During the night he gently places his large beautiful head on my hip and is so grateful for a warm place to live. (I can see this in his beautiful brown eyes!)

Considering he is lacking social skills, he is amazing with my four little grandchildren. Gentle and sweet and slurpee. (Babies drool, dogs don’t mind wiping it up – isn’t that great?) He loves women, he loves children, and sometimes… men. Niki has three times taken a protective stance in front of me during a walk when a male came too close, each time; rightfully so.

I may never be able to take him to a dog park, and he may not have the same skills other dogs have, but I would never give him up, not for any money. This beauty is a miracle.

So although my right arm is three inches longer than my left, it is no big deal. I can help reach for the cans at the top shelf at the store, so it’s all okay!

Niki would never be the right dog for every family, but he is the perfect dog for me. I am crazy about him. He may protect me, but I will protect him too! He will always have his freedom with me. He will never be chained up again, he will never be hurt in any way, and though he is still head-shy and ducks as I walk by to pat him, I lift his sweet face and let him give me kisses and eventually the pain of the past will start to fade as the love he is getting comes to the surface and drowns the memories he never deserved in the first place.

Thank you so very much SCARS!

Niki’s Mommy


Hi my name is Sox and I would like to update you on my forever home.

My people can't believe how much they love me. It's an unconditional love! Sometimes I can be a little knotty but even then my people seem to love me even more.
I have grown so much. They got me when I was about 5 weeks old, I was abandoned on a farm. I thought you would like to see me now. I am quite handsome if I do say so myself.

Friday, 19 December 2008


Hi there:

My girlfriend recently adopted Sarah from you and she is living with us at our acreage by Stony Plain. She is really fitting well into the household. She really loves to sit on the couch and watch everything and the birds through the window.

We have also bought her a pet bed and she only took one night before she was sleeping on that. So she is a really nice doggy. Sometimes she is a little difficult to get in and out of the car/truck/house but is really coming around. She is shy in the morning but usually about 5 boy she really busts loose and really loves to chase that ball. So she is a really nice doggy.

Thank you.


Sage (Pebbles)

Hello SCARS!

I just wanted to send some updated pictures of my girl Sage (formerly "Pebbles" from the Flintstones litter!). As you can see, after her rough start at life, she is a healthy happy girl, and she owes it all to you! I hardly know how to say thank you for everything you did for her and her littermates. I was told that the others had broken jaws from being abused, and Sage was one of several who had parvo. They were all going to be shot. We look at her now, likely approaching her first birthday sometime soon, and we can't imagine what could have been.
Thank you for making her important and caring for her when no one else did. She is a crazy happy little girl, full of energy and life and as feisty as they come! She loves to run, "chewies" are her favorite, she LIVES for peanut butter and steals coffee every chance she gets no matter how much trouble it gets her in! (??!) She watches tv (her favorite is the Dog Whisperer! We hope she will pick up some things by osmosis haha!! )and she thinks one of her single missions in life is to rid the world of tags! (?!) She has character and personality plus... and she is LOVELY when she is tired!! :) She now comes to us for affection, and is becoming a little less independent. She prefers to be interacting with us instead of outside on her own now, and brings us her bones to hold for her while she chews as she crawls into our laps (I think sometimes she sees us as her staff..!). She is becoming more loving and sweet and is starting to cuddle and loves to give kisses on your ear! We have worked hard together to build a bond, and we are now seeing her mature into a wonderful companion.The support that you have ALL provided me since I adopted Sage in May has been phenomenal! Thank you for keeping in touch with us and for always making us feel important. A special thank you to Colleen and Rick for loving her and keeping her safe in her foster home, I know how hard it was for you that day we sat in the grass together... saying your goodbyes and trusting me to care for her after all you had been through with her....and Pam you've been a huge support, always helping me through the challenging days, and offering advice to help make her the best girl she can be. It was more difficult than I had anticipated, taking on a little someone with a bruised past and an alpha nature...but it has been one of the most rewarding experiences and I'm so glad for it...and for her.So thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for her "Second Chance".
Keep up the amazing work, and Sage and I will continue to be proud advocates and share our story!
Happy Holidays!
xo Jen and Sage

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Tug (Tuxedo)

Hi everyone @ Scars,

Just dropping you a line to say Merry Christmas to all at the shelter. I have been living the life of Riley out here on the farm. It is so fun to just run and run and run. I have been at my forever home for over a year now, and have met some new friends. My very bestest friend is my new dog brother Charlie. He is an old, and I mean old, Basset hound. He dosn't move very fast, so I wait for him at the door, and try to get him to run, but with not to much luck. We have separate dog bed's in Mom and Dad's room, but we prefur to sleep together. We have become inseperalbe. I have met the neighbours. One morning in the summer, I was outside when it thundered, and I bolted. I went right on into there kitchen. By the way... I can open doors, if you were wondering. I am so scared of thunder, it is not funny. Mom and Dad do their best if we have grey skies, they head me right for the door if I am outside, or don't let me out if I am inside. I just sit there and shake. Other than that, I mow the lawn's with grandpa, herd the kids on the quad, been boating, herd the horses around, and sit outside by the firepit in the summer, and wait for the hotdog's to come my way.

I have had some minor surgury as well. I had to have one of my dew claws removed, it was looking funny and was getting infected. I was a real trooper though. Had my surgery, wore cool colored bandages for about a week, and ran and ran. That didn't slow me down at all. The vet thinks I should get into agility training. My mom said she would look into it in the spring.

Well I think I have about covered my life out here, Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the cats. I like them. I chased one of them up a tree the first day I got here, but since then, we have all worked out our pecking order, and we are now friends. Go figure, never thought I would be saying that.

Well all I had better "run" Just snuck into the computer room to drop this line to you. Thanks for finding me my new home. Everyone just adore's me as much as I adore them. You all do very important and great work, so dogs like me can find happiness. Sloppy wet Tug kisses to all the volunteers...

Happy Holidays to all, and I hope Santa drops a few dog bone's in your stocking from me...

"Tug " AKA Tuxedo

Saturday, 13 December 2008


Merry Christmas everyone and a special hello to Sylvia from Flora and family.

Flora has had a wonderful year of fun and adventure- swimming with her new life jacket, going bird hunting with her dad, camping all over Alberta. She is coming to Jasper for Christmas with her best friend and canine brother Basil, since we had such a great time there hiking and playing in the snow last year. She is looking forward to a new obedience training session starting in January. She is truly our little gem and we are grateful for her every day. Here are some recent photos of her. Take care all the best to all of you and to all the SCARS animals in 2009.

Cailin and Andrew

May 8, 2008

Just wanted to say hi from Flora and us. It's so hard to believe it's already been one year since she joined our family- seems like we've had her forever. She is doing great. She continues to be the most loving, affectionate dog in the world. She follows Basil around like a shadow with a huge smile on her face and they are inseparable as ever. Currently, they are just lounging out in the yard eating some carrots (her favourite treat!) after a good wrestle together. One of her favourite thing to do is still to chase rabbits in the field. She has a one track mind when it comes to this and she can cover some serious ground chasing them. We are working on having her respond to a whistle because I'm always paranoid she will chase the rabbits too far. She loves to swim and we're going to get a kiddie pool for the pups in the backyard when it gets warm enough. I'm sending you some photos of Flora at Christmas in Jasper and around the house. Hope you are doing very well!

Take care,

Flora, Basil, Cailin and Andrew

Thursday, 27 November 2008


Blackie has been such a welcome addition to our family. We feel so fortunate to have been able to make him part of our lives. He is so well behaved and so eager to please. Blackie and I have started running twice a day (although running may be the wrong word as often there are very interesting things that require sniffing along the way) and the ravine by our house provides endless opportunity for exploration. We have established a routine and are settling in wonderfully.

I can't thank SCARS enough for the care the gave my little one while he was with you. Thank you Colleen (I have misplaced your email address but hope this will get to you) for your advice and care you provided Blackie while he was in your care!

I have attached just a couple pictures and will update you in the future!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Hello My name is Heidi and we adopted Hope July of 2007. We just wanted to let you know that she is doing great, she is such a wonderful friendly girl. She loves going to the dog park and chasing after sticks for hours. She is learning how to catch a Frisbee and in January we are going to start agility classes. She came on vacation with us last summer and got to go swimming a lot and made lots of new friends. She gets so much love and affection everyday and she makes us laugh everyday.

Thank you SCARS for all the hard work you do and thank you Brianna and Ryan (Hopes foster Parents) for training her so well. We are so greatful to have found such a perfect match for us.

Thank you,

Heidi and Jamie

Monday, 24 November 2008



I just wanted to give you an update on Miss Leah. She is doing very well and has my mom trained to suit her needs. Leah has decided she needs to sleep in the house at night and causes a fuss until my mom lets her in. She is not allowed in the living room, but has wrangled her way into the bedroom during thunderstorms!! At bedtime she has no desire to sleep in her princess bed. The back entry is just fine (although the cat disagrees). She is such great company for my mom.

Of course, Leah still comes over to our place to play with the boys and set them straight. Our friend's guide dog took a shine to Leah this summer. We laughed that the city boy fell for the rough and tumble country girl. At first Leah was oblivious to Bennett's advances, but now they are buddies.

Leah is very comfortable in our house thanks to my husband Mark. I took this picture of Leah on the couch as blackmail. If my mom finds out we let her up on the couch we will be in big trouble!!

Leah keeps us on our toes and certainly puts a smile on our face. She is a great addition to our family.


Hi there,

Just a quick note to let you guys know, Huey is doing great in his new home. He's adapting to our routine and gets along with our other dog, Elmo, very well.
He loves hugs and sleeping on your lap and also loves to play chase with Elmo. He's bonded very quickly with us and has made a wonderful new addition to our family.



Thursday, 20 November 2008

Dexter (Runter)

Well November 15th was my day to find my companion!

I went to an animal rescue shelter for SCARS Second Chance Animal Rescue Society. Well to my surprise I came accross the most adorable 7 week old Bordie Collie x named Runter. He is light brown as his primry color with black facial features and a white belly. He was the smallest of the litter and weighs no more than 2lbs. He is a bungle of energy when he's not sleeping which is most of the time. In the 4 and a half days hes been home theres been 2 minor pee and only becase we did not make it outside fast enough......

I have encluded a few pictures to introduce you to our new puppy and his name is Dexter - he's my new male partner in crime...lol So far we have practiced getting use to that darn collar and leash, I get bribbed with great treats so it's not all bad, I watch t.v with the adults after our walks around the house, I stay inside pretty much all the time atleast till my shots are up to date, and the only time I get to go outside is well you know... I'm confimed to a 4ft x 4ft area which is easire to find in the dark arff. I love car rides and even went to the bank and grocery store stuffed inside my owners coat,,who knows maybe he was cold...Just wanted to say thank-you to all of you for taking care of me till I got my house with the fireplace cause it's gonna get cold..

Ciao for now and let me know if you received my 8x10 glossy head shots xoxoxo

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Kaiser, Pekoe


We brought Kaiser (aka Pekoe, one of Lilas pups) home at the end of summer last year. He has grown so much and become a joyful addition to our family.

He loves going for walks and being around people.He is a very healthy and happy boy and brings us smiles each day.

Thanks so much SCARS!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Hello Friends at SCARS!

My name is Cyrus, my “mommy & daddy” adopted me on September 6, 2008 from my foster mom Shelly. My “mommy” is having a little difficulty downloading some of the pictures of me, but hopefully she can have that rectified shortly and send them in.

My first few days at my “furever home” took some getting used to. I was very well behaved but would not play with any of my toys, go on my big orthopedic doggie bed, let my “daddy” take pictures of me and I gobbled down all my food as if it were my last meal.

After some begging and pleading on my “mommy’s” part, I laid down on my bed the second night. Although she had to lay down on it first (it’s really big, I think she misjudged how big I was when she bought it, we both fit on it comfortably). Now, when I know my “mom” is heading up to bed I run up after her and immediately plant myself on my bed. In the morning when my “daddy” gets up for work I take his spot in his bed. Ssshh, it’s a secret!

It took almost a full month for me to play with my toys and I would only play when my “mom” started it. I am now happy to report that I will grab a toy and engage my “mom” in a game of tug-a-war, catch-me-if-you-can, fetch and something my “mom” calls “give me that squeaky”.

For a Labrador retriever/pit bull cross, I am the biggest cuddle bug. Although I weight 40lbs that does not stop me from laying on my “mom” while she’s in the recliner watching tv. My “dad” calls me a cat. I am also as quiet as a cat. My “mom” thinks I may have been hit for barking, so she’s slowly trying to teach me that it is okay to bark, especially when someone is at the door or if I hear a strange noise.

I am a very quick learner, I know how to sit, shake paw, high five, stay, dance and “walk”. When my mom says “walk” I immediately run for my leash and sit by the front door. I also know how to smile. Yes, smile! Although my mom didn’t teach me this. When my parents have been away for a period of time and they come home, I meet them at the door and smile. I lift up the corner of my mouth exposing my teeth before I jump up to say hello. My “mom” says that it’s the oddest and cutest thing she has ever seen.

I want to thank all of the people at SCARS and especially my foster mom Shelly for rescuing me and taking such good care of me before my parents came along. Because I am such a good boy people are always asking my “mom” where I came from, she immediately sends them to SCARS.

Thank heaven for all you angels!
Cyrus, Lilyia and Greg.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Pumpkin and Maggie

Hello SCARS!
I wanted to give you an update on Pumpkin and Maggie.

We adopted Pumpkin 4 years ago as a very timid and malnourished little girl. She was found at a gas station at Wandering RIver and was 28 pounds (and had puppies) when we adopted her (she now weighs 35 pounds). She didn't know how to walk up and down stairs, was terrified of men, cats and the fridge turning on. I took her to dog obedeince classes for almost a full year to just sit and watch because she was so terrified of everything. After a year, she was physically well enough to enter Obedience classes, and from there we went on to Agility. She has just started competing in Agility this year. I get a lot of laughs when I line up with Pumpkin Pie at the agility trials when she is surrounded by dogs named Zoom, Swifty, and Rocket! Pumpkin has no problem stopping during a run to give me heck with her husky 'wooo wooo' howl when I've done something wrong, much to the delight of everyone!! She has gained a lot of confidence from when we first got her, but she is still timid, gentle and shy. Her new big sister Maggie has given her a lot of confidence and they play for hours.

Maggie, our big orange dog, was found in the ditch by Dave out by Parkland. Dave told us he stopped to pick up the dog, and was amazed to see puppy after puppy in the ditch- Maggie had 7 puppies in total. Maggie was found in December, 2007 and now almost a year later she is, as I call her, 60 pounds of love. The best description of Maggie was what Dave wrote about her: goofy. We needed a dog that liked cats as we have one cat who is deaf, and Mggie fit the bill perfectly. Maggie was used as an assessment dog at our daycare to see if other dogs had a suitable temperment to attend daycare. She loves small dogs and puppies, and she is left with them at daycare to mother them the entire day. Maggie is a ball of energy and she should be finished her agility training this spring, with the hopes of competing this summer. She is the baby of the family and is very spoiled.

I am so thankful and grateful to SCARS for saving these two dogs. They are members of our family and we are blessed to have them in our lives.
Kind regards,
Patrick and Penny


Hi my name is Stephanie , I adopted Autumn (she is your Miss September in your calender) almost a year ago now.

She is the best dog I have ever had, we absolutely adore her. I took some great pictures of her and thought you might like to see how she is doing and what she grew up to be. She gets along great with all the other animals on our farm, the picture of her with the calf, that is her best friend, he was an orphan and grew up thinking he was a dog as Autumn was always with him.

Thank you for being there and giving these wonderful dogs a second chance. Steph

Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Hello Friends at SCARS,

Just wanted to give you guys an update on how fantastic it has been since Jeckyl came into our lives! We adopted Jeckyl (after much begging and pleading on my end) on May 27th, 2008 and he has been spectacular ever since!

He is ridiculously high energy but that couldn’t have been better because it has forced us into a healthier lifestyle change that is full of 3-5 walks a day! He is always entertaining and actually just finished a huge adventure with me. Every Friday morning to Sunday night for 6 week-ends in a row the two of us would fly out to Kelowna to be trained by Brad Pattison so that I could become a Certified Educator Trainer for dogs and their families. Jeckyl was absolutely the BEST “textbook” I ever could have asked for because although he challenged me every step of the way he helped me to learn so very much. The changes I have seen since our 6 week-ends in Kelowna is amazing. He is a calmer and much more respectful dog! He became so well rounded with our trips out to Kelowna every week-end! The airports loved him and the moment they would see his big ears walking towards the “Oversized Backage” area I could hear people yelling “IT’S JECKYL, JECKYL’S BACK!” and they are all so excited to be able to hang out with him until we would board our plane.

My husband and I have also just bought a house with a nice big backyard for Jeckyl and Darren makes fun of me all the time saying we bought a bigger house to accommodate our big dog! And that is partially true but I think when you love something like your pet so much you will go out of your way to accommodate them! Darren who was so apposed to a dog in the beginning absolutely LOVES Jeckyl and every now and then I catch them cuddling together on the floor both asleep!

Jeckyl’s picture has also made the world wide web and can be seen on Brad’s website below:

We are very thankful for the foster family that had Jeckyl before us as they did an unbelievable job preparing him for us. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog and hope that every dog placed with SCARS finds a loving home.

Thank-you so much!


Sara, Darren and Jeckyl

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Sachee (Versace)

Hello Everyone:

We just wanted to let you know how Sachee is doing. Well, she is absolutely wonderful and spoiled rotten to prove it. She has been an absolute joy. We hadn't had a puppy in the house for 16 years. Lately it seemed we were rescueing older dogs which was fine. This time we wanted a puppy, we thought it would work better and it did.

One of the fringe benefits is that our oldest dog, that I found in a ditch, had never been properly housebroken. She was about a year old when we got her and it never really occured to us that she would need to be trained.
Over time we found out differently. Well in having to house break Sachee, Brenna was also finally house trained.

When we adopted Sachee we thought that she was going to be a large dog and we were hoping it would be true. Well by our standards she is small. She is about 18" tall and about 35 pounds. I can still pick her up and give her puppy huggings.

Sachee and the third dog Otis are best friends and play wonderfully well together.I have sent pictures of Sachee over the past year.
My husband and I thank you for doing all the work that you do and for allowing us the opportunity to have adopted and enjoy Sachee.

Cam and Pam

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Gunner (AKA Goliath)

Dear SCARS Volunteers,

It is just over a year now since we adopted Gunnar (or Goliath) from you, and we'd love to update. Gunnar is personality PLUS! We have gone from taking a cautious "alpha" male to owning a 130 lb. dog that thinks he's a pomeranian ~ no one can escape him trying to climb on your lap for a cuddle! He has become quite the town celebrity, as a normal 30 min walk generally takes over an hour, because EVERYONE wants to visit with this gentle giant. (They aren't nearly as thrilled to see us..hahaha). There isn't a week that goes by that we don't have offers to adopt him. (We could've fostered 5 dogs like him and found great homes for ALL of them) He has really become an ambassador, and can usually be found riding in the work truck as a "Silent Patrollman", going for a walk doing "cat clean-up", or taking up an entire queen-size bed. What can we say.... we lucked out. He is really a joy to have around, and again we thank you for the wonderful job you do.

Sterling & Amber

July 5, 2007


This is a little update on our new family member, Gunnar (formerly GOLIATH). "The Big Guns" as he is known around the block has been with us for 2 weeks. We cannot tell you how happy we are! Gunnar has blended right in with our family ~ including his new "sister" Tikka. He is so incredibly patient with her and her puppy antics....and occasionally he lets her know when he's had enough!

We weren't given a whole bunch of information on Gunnar, because no one really knew a lot about him. What we DO know, even after this short time is that he is a big PUPPY! He is wanting to play all the time, and (lucky for us) he doesn't know his own strength! He likes to soak up a lot of attention, but he's learning he's not the only dog in the house.

As well, we were told to be cautious with him and small children. Gunnar is a very intimidating-looking dog. But I'm sending pictures of him playing and rough-housing with our kids. He wants so bad to please! I think he just needed a chance.

And here's a little secret~ (don't tell the other dogs) ~ but Gunnar is SCARED of squeaky toys. He avoids them like the plague... For a big guy, who knew?

We would really like to send a HUGE thank-you to Nicole and Jesse at Dogspaw. You are a credit to your profession, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We also cannot forget Carl (Goliath's chauffeur) who took the time to bring him to us. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING! Its sad to hear about all the dogs still waiting for a new home, but every last one of you should be commended for all the work you do to make their lives better in the mean time!

We thank you again!

Monday, 8 September 2008


Hi to all you wonderful people.

Can’t say thank you enough for the beautiful Bailer we adopted from you back in 2007.

May I add an updated photo of Bailer to the existing post? Someone commented on the post looking for an updated picture because they adopted Bailer’s brother.

Here is an updated photo of Bailer at the lake this summer.

July 19, 2007

Bailer has adjusted very well to his new forever home.
He is a star!
Our other dog Koda loves him to bits. They romp and play continuously.
Thanks for such a beautiful puppy. We are enjoying him tremendously!

Monday, 1 September 2008


Hello SCARS volunteers!

Thank you so much from my family for saving Leppard's life. Especially to Colleen & Rick who took such good care of her while being her Foster parents, including teaching her to sit and be good and just to give her so so much love.

Sunday, 31 August 2008


Well, here I am four years after my forever family found me. My family tells everyone that I am THE BEST DOG IN THE WORLD and that they adopted me from Second Chance. I get compliments all the time on how beautiful I am --- must be all that brushing my “mom” does in an attempt to decrease my shedding --- she says that’s my only negative drawback. I love my family, even these annoying kittens they just adopted; I sure put up with a lot. Good thing I’m such an easy going and laidback personality. I sure enjoyed camping this summer and meeting lots of new people and kids anytime I can sneak in the vehicle I”ll go along. Thanks to the wonderful people who gave me a Second Chance especially Sylvia for boarding me till my forever family found me. Thanks for making a difference for so many families who are blessed to have a SCARS dog.

Saturday, 30 August 2008


Hi from Vinny!

I am about a year old now, so I thought I should tell you how I spent my first summer. I am a VERY active dog and I love both people and dogs (and even my cat, especially when she lets me lick her head). My mom says the only time I don't listen all that well is when I NEED to visit another dog or nice person. Otherwise I am a very well-behaved girl. Most of all I love to play with other dogs. I go to doggie day care a few times a week where I have 50 dogs to play with. The day care staff call me the 'happy dog' because I am always friendly - even to dogs who take some time to make friends.

I also like to run with my owners in the river valley. I get to run a little in the house when we play the 'catch me' game, which I'm very good at. I surprised my mom one day when I had the patience to stand quietly behind a door for a full minute or two, and then leap joyfully at her when she thought I'd stopped playing!

For our holiday this year we went on a 3 week road trip, from Edmonton to Port Hardy. I learned to swim in the ocean (but NOT drink the salt water), climb mountains, and run around with kids without knocking them over (took a couple tries tho...)

Last weekend we went to Jasper for my Dad's and my birthday. (He decided that we share the same day!) We went to two different crags and of course I visited everyone who was climbing there. My mom painted most of the time, and I even managed to splash in her paints and help her finish a painting. I've sent some pictures from our trip. (I'm the one with the SCARS bandanna watching my dad climbing. In the picture with my mom you can see how I've learned how to carry my own treats and water - like a real mountain dog!)

I still remember all of the great people at SCARS who saved my life and cared for me. Everyone who meets me says they would like to have a dog like me and I send them straight to the SCARS website! My Mom says she will be forever grateful to the SCARS volunteers for bringing me into her life.

Bye for now - I've got to run to find a cat to lick, bone to dig up, trail to explore, dog to play with, and a new person to fall in love with me - all before noon. Vinny.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Turbo (Robbie)

Happy Birthday to me! I just turned 1 year old and my mom says I'm the best boy ever!! I was just a baby when I went to live with my new family and had worms so bad that it took four treatments to clear me up. I'm happy and healthy now though and very, very loved. I will never have to spend another moment living in a dump, what a relief!

My family includes a big brother Rocky, he's a 110lb Rotti and he helped show me the ropes. Now I think I must be a really big dog because Rocky lets me lay on top of him and "beat him up". Things just got even better and more fun because mom opened up a doggie day care so I have been making lots of new friends and get to play my favorite game all day....tug-of-war!!

Thank you SCARS and all the foster families out there for doing the amazing work that you do. Without your help who knows what might have become of me.


Tuesday, 15 July 2008


We adopted Heidi from SCARS just over a week ago and she is fitting in perfectly! After the loss off our Wheaton "Sophie" we Welcome another Loving Female into our family to fill the void the that we felt when our sweet Sophie left us. Heidi is a Wonderful little Dog and she seems to like it here! She is still Very timid, and We Realized right away that she hadn't had much of a life. So We are Gently introducing Her to all the things that our other Dog(Zeus) takes for granted, like car rides and going for walks. We would like to Thank SCARS for the opportunity to rescue Heidi! I have attached a recent picture of Heidi and Her Brother Zeus! Thanks Again! and We will defiantly keep in touch!

Monday, 7 July 2008


Hi there!

I met Colleen Good through Edmonton Earthcycle, and mentioned that we got our most recent dog through SCARS. She said she was involved with SCARS and mentioned this update email. She suggested emailing you an update on Soleil so I thought it was high time to do so!

Soleil is a wonderful girl whose name is really applicable, since she has truly brightened our lives. We’ve never rescued an adult dog before, so it’s been interesting watching her settle in. Initially she really seemed to suffer from separation anxiety. She cried when we kenneled her and if we tried to leave her in the yard by herself, she was right at the door scratching to come in. She never let us out of her sight. She scarfed down her food like it was her last meal each time she ate, she scrounged in our garbage, she developed a bladder infection and green pussy eye, and her bones poked out too much for our liking.

We got the bladder infection and green pussy eye taken care of right away through the help of Dr. Steve Marsden at the Natural Path Clinic, and it took some months, but she eventually gained a bit of weight, so that she’s still lean, but a little more healthy to pet. J Today I put my face in her food bowl while she was eating, and she continued to eat slowly and methodically. I went into a garden centre one day and didn’t want to leave her in the hot car, so I tied her up in the shade of a tree. I went into the store secretly watching her from a window, and she waited patiently for my return without uttering a peep!

Soleil is a really quick study. We take her for numerous walks and runs, and she’s learned tricks like high five and shake with both paws, down, stay, wait (at the door so we can walk over the threshold first), and leave it. She heels, sits when we stop walking, and she loves ALL people she comes into contact with, adult and child alike. She’s even learning, through the leave it command, to tolerate the vacuum cleaner and weed trimmer. The lawnmower no longer bothers her at all.

We recently started working with a great trainer/behaviourist on things like motorbikes, skateboards, bicycles and scooters, so that I can take her rollerblading and biking for exercise. The border collie in her really wants to run however, I need some help teaching her to be calm when I’m on my blades or bike to keep us both safe.

Soleil’s boundless energy keeps us hopping and her sweet personality melts our hearts. What more could we have asked for!

I’ve attached a few pictures so you can place a furry face to the name!

Have a super day and thanks so much for the work all of you at SCARS do!



Good Afternoon Sylvia,

I thought of sending you a note sooner but things have been crazy. I saw you on the news getting the Woman of Vision Award. I was very pleased to see this. You really do deserve it. Congratulations!!

Chester is a wonderful dog. I attached a picture of him and my daughter Laura.

Everyday we learn something new about him. He has changed and opened up so much. I remember when we met him in the IKEA parking lot. I just knew he was the dog for us. He was so gentle when Katrina gave him that dog treat. When we got Chester I remember he was at that point of shedding where his fur needed some real good brushing. My husband didn’t really want a dog at the time but he knew that it had become a losing battle. My Children and I were ready. I knew we needed Chester to look his best. So on the way home we took Chester to a dog wash and groomed him all up. We were really not prepared for this experience, After all we did not bring towels or anything. Chester took it well. He hated the spraying and washing but not once did he growl or nip. He did wiggle and squirm a lot though. Once he was all shiny we loaded him back into the van and brought him home.

My husband got home a couple of hours later. We always laugh and say that Cliff doesn’t have an overabundance of soft feelers. He comes from a farm background where dogs have a purpose. Well when he saw Chester he couldn’t help but smile with approval. Chester instantly won him over with those beautiful eyes.

When we went to take him home, you mentioned you were surprised that he got into the van so easily. Well, now he is trained to get into the back of the van or the truck and he loves it. I can’t go anywhere without him. No way could we get him into the small pool for a swim or a bath. Today, he not only got into the pool but he even laid down and rolled around in it.

We have learned that when we are not home he is an excellent guard dog, yet he is so gentle with children. He is awesome with the kids. Katrina (4) just loves him. He doesn’t jump on her and he loves to be loved and petted. It’s a match made in heaven. My older daughter Laura (9) is his main care taker. She feeds him, grooms him and takes him for a daily bike ride on top of the walks and other things he does with the rest of the family. She is also taking him to dog obedience. He is doing wonderful. Of course we have a leg up since he was already partially trained when we got him. We’re hoping that we can put him into agility training.

We can not understand why someone would have given him up but we are thankful because he is an absolute wonderful dog and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you for taking the time to rescue these dogs and thank you to the volunteers who take the time to help you.

All the best,
Della, Laura, Cody, Katrina & Clifford.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Juno (Josie)


My name is Amanda and we adopted Josie (re-named her Juno) in February of 08. I just wanted to let you know that she's doing great! She loves going to the dog park, playing fetch, playing with our 9 month old daughter, and being the center of attention, lol. At the Tails on the Trails, we actually ran into one of her brothers, Bandit! They look so different because she was the onyl shepard looking dog in the litter!
We're moving to Vancouver Island in August and she'll have tons of fun playing in the ocean.
You can publish the pictures and her story on your website as well if you want. The one with Juno and Zoe was taken about a month after we got her and the other was taken a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks so much for helping us find this great addition to our family!

Amanda, Cal and Zoe

Friday, 6 June 2008


Hi All,

My name is Hunter and I was one of Nikki’s Pup’s and turned 2 years old on 08 March 08. I saw a picture of my brother Tucker on the web page and since it has been a while since I posted a look at me now update I thought I better get my paws a tappin’ on the key board and let everyone know how things are going!

Well since my last update lots of things have changed. We moved from Alberta to Manitoba and let me tell you that was an experience. I love driving in the car but that drive was a little too long for me. I did get to leave my mark on lots of trees on the way here so I can always find my way back.

I have a new house and a new back yard and now since I am closer to Grandma’s house in the country so I can go and visit. There is lots of space for me to run and run and run……..and RUN! I also love to play soccer but there is only one problem. I keep popping my soccer balls. Get a little too excited while playing! I usually run and play so much I sleep all the way home and then sleep the whole next day.

Things are great here in Manitoba. In the neighborhood where we live there are lots of KIDS and boy I love kids. When my family takes me for a walk I get to meet them and they pet me and get me a little scratch behind the ear. The neighbors are great too, a couple of Yorkies and boy do I like to egg them on. They get to barkin so much I just sit on my side of the fence and grin.
I just had a follow up with the new vet and she says I am a healthy 47lbs!!!! I bet my Mama would be proud…..I think I far out grew her at about 8weeks old!

Gotta run, it’s a rainin out and I got puddles to run through. I am sending a cute picture of me chillin out.

Bark to ya again soon…..Hunter

Thursday, 29 May 2008


Hello All,

I just thought I better give you an update on how well I am doing and show you what a handsome fella I have become.

I am doing GREAT! I have gone to obedience classes and am currently in an Agility class (which I love). I have been excelling at everything I try. My mom is so proud of what a good boy I am. I wanted to give a special thanks to SCARS and my foster parents, Maria and David. They took such great care of me and found my mom! I also want to thank everyone who helped to get me my heart surgery. I know it probably cost a lot and you all knew I was well worth it. Thank you ALL again and please keep up all the good work with giving more puppies/dogs like me a second chance!

Lots of snuggles and licks.


Sunday, 4 May 2008


I thought I would just send a little note about our Ginger girl (Betty). She had grown a lot already, she is turning into a lovely young miss. Most importantly her mouth is recovering beautifully! We have had a few check ups since her surgery and now her cone is off and she is allowed to start chewing on soft toys again. Still not quite ready for anything to hard, but she is doing fantastic. She is also learning so much so quickly. She is very smart and has quite the little personality. I want to thank you for the blessing that she is and the amazing work you all do that brought her to us!

God Bless you all,

The Hudson Family

Friday, 18 April 2008

Boris (Rocky)

Hi there! It's been 3 weeks since we've had Boris join our family but it really only took 10 minutes for him to solidify into the position.

He is such a happy-go-lucky boy with a big kind heart and a kiss for anyone and everyone within licking distance!

Boris is such a quick learner and such a bright little soul to be around. He's completely in love with all of his toys- although it took a little time convincing him that they were, in fact, HIS to play with. He loves car rides with Dad more than anything- after all, who knows where we'll end up?! We all just wanted to say- Thank You SCARS, for the newest member of our family. I know I speak for everyone (including Boris) when I say that we are all so grateful for the work that you do. Everyday Boris wakes up on his own soft bed, among all of his own toys, treats, and food, in his own home, with his own back yard. The gratitude and love we see everyday in his eyes is it's own reward for our family.

Thanks Again!

Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Hi All!

We met Cally at the Pet Smart in Edmonton`s West End. She came waltzing over and promptly sat on my foot, leaning in to get some scratches. Her foster mom suggested we take her for a little walk, which ended up sealing the deal. After making sure she wouldn’t eat cats (of which we have two), we brought her home to join our family.

Cally is such a gentle and smart dog. The transition from being a cat-only family to one that has a dog has been seamless. She is very well behaved and quickly learned her commands. She loves to be loved – by anyone and everyone. She particularly seems to love children and will seek them out, just to sit beside them and nuzzle them. She is sometimes skittish with other dogs but we have been working on this. She is fast friends with our 1.5 old cat, AwLiver. Cally babies him, grooming his backside. He returns the favour with a few gentle bats to her nose and licks to her eyes and forehead. Cally also likes getting head butts from our other cat Gigue, now that she realizes that Gigue does this to everyone. She also loves trips to Calgary to visit `Grandma`s house` where she gets special toys and lots of attention. Cally also loves trips to the country side where she knows she’ll go for long hikes and possibly a swim.

Soon after her arrival, we found out Cally needed dental surgery. SCARS was so generous, they agreed to cover the dental surgery she required. We are all SO thankful for the assistance we received, as we absolutely LOVE having her in our family! Cally also had issues after her spay surgery. The techs and vets at Whitemud Vet Clinic were fantastic and very supportive, putting Cally’s health above all else. She has had a rough go of things, health-wise, but she seems to be completely mended now. She is an irreplaceable part of our family now!!

Monday, 31 March 2008



I just wanted to drop you a quick note with an update on Addison. She is a phenomenal dog and I feel so lucky to have gotten her. What a ball of fun and curiousity she is!

Addie and Lady are getting along famously.They have become great friends and they spend alot of time prowling the yard and frolicking. Addie is very captivated by the miniature donkeys and the fainting goats. Maybe a little too captivated with the cats but we're working on that.

She is definitely a part of the family now. Totally irresistible with her teddy bear face and her one bent ear. Thanks to all of you and to Diane for looking after her. I'm so pleased to have her and I will make sure she is well looked after.

Thanks for the tremendous service you do in our community.


Wednesday, 26 March 2008



We have had Delilah with us for one year. It feels like we’ve had her for a lot longer, buts it’s only been one wonderful year and we know many more will follow. She was supposed to be our first foster dog with SCARS, but after a week of having her we knew that she was meant to be with us and we adopted her ourselves. We already have two of her pups as our own, Daisy and Duke, whom both have a write up on the Look at Us Now page. They all like to play together, walk together, and now that we are out of town, they have a big ‘ole fenced yard for them and they can run outside and play for hours.

No one knows for sure how old she is, but from all the litters that SCARS knows she's had and all the grey in her beard, she’s had a long and hard life up north. Now she likes to lie on the heat vent when the furnace is going or lay in front of the gas fireplace. She soaks in as much heat as she possibly can before we think she'll catch fire and we call her away before she about to start smoking. She gets first dibs on the bed, after we get in of course, and she usually picks her adopted mom’s side. She lies by her mom’s head and snores to her hearts content ‘til the alarm goes off and its time to move. Then it is off to the dad’s side, ‘cause he doesn’t have to get up for a couple more hours, and dreams doggy dreams. (Delilah is doing the doggy dreaming, not dad)

When both parents leave for the day she loves to hop onto the reclining chair by the window, lay with her head on the arm rest and watch the day go by with many a nap in between.
I am sure if she could speak, she would call the SCARS ladies and thank them for saving her and all of her pups from the tough life they were living up north. Now they are off into warm, wonderful, loving houses to which they call their ‘furever’ homes.

Thanks for all of the joyful times we are having with ALL of our pups!

John & Pam Van Der Laan

Thursday, 20 March 2008


Hi, Beth!

Here is our happy Benson with his best buddy, Zak. He is a member of the family ... even to the cats (if he'd just stop giving them a chase). However, they are warming up to him! Having only three legs certainly doesn't slow this boy down. I often wonder if we could keep up to him if he had all four. We love him dearly and he's got a great life now: his own bed, toybox, backyard, at least two walks in the ravine each day, tons of love and, most important (to him of course), good food! His coat is shiny and lush now too! Thank you for rescuing him. I knew he was for us when I saw him on your website.

Joan, Frank, Zak, Benson and the cats!

Jake (Bandit)

It's been only three weeks but I had to let you know how well Jake (formerly Bandit) is doing. He has made a new friend in my male cat Jonesy. The things that cat lets Jake do to him. After being attacked and losing the hair off the end of his tail to a dog I really thought Jonesy would have doggy issues but as you can see by the latest picture, that is not a problem. I can't thank you enough for letting me become Jake's new mommy. Will keep you updated on his progress.

Thank you from Robyn, Jonesy, Thelma and Louise.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Ben and Mya

Hi Sylvia,

Thought we would send you some pics of Ben and Mya. We are keeping thempretty busy with 3 to 6 mile walks for us while they are probably logging1 and 1/2 that many miles. During the day and sleeping on couches and beds in the house!

They are very well mannered and are opening up to us, so we can see their real personalities. Very good dogs.

We are very happy with them and look forward to taking them canoeing on the river when the weather warms up.

We will keep you updated.

Helen and Kerry

Thursday, 13 March 2008


Hello SCARS people,

Just wanted to send a shout out. It was just about this time last year when we came looking for someone to join our family. We found Tucker (looked like a Shepherd cross with one blue eye, one brown - and was in the calendar last year which made him a celebrity around town). We're happy to report he's the best part of our little lives. We couldn't imagine ourselves without him now. He's well behaved, very active, very handsome and very smart. He's the most popular guy at the dog park and he even has a special girlfriend who he gets doggie dates with. His Vet reports are always glowing, he's incredibly loving and we just can't believe what a wonderful boy he is. We couldn't be happier and we think he's pretty happy. (He's actually hopelessly spoiled.) He'll be two years old this March and if you ever need a well behaved guy to represent your organization just drop us a line.

We recommend your organization to everyone we talk to about adopting and if we ever consider adding to the family again we'll be up to see you.

Thanks for changing our lives, keep up the good work.

Jenn and Darren

Friday, 7 March 2008


We just wanted to give an update on Harrison. Harry is AWESOME!!!

We are so happy with him and he so easily fit in with the family. His four-legged brother Nanook got used to him fairly quickly and they play constantly. But his best friend is his mom's boss's dog. He goes to work with his mom at a hostel and him and Lasha (a purebred Husky) play all day long. He won't let his mom leave in the morning without him.

Harrison is probably the most photographed dog in Canada. Tourists from all over the world take pictures of him and Lasha. They think he's amazing that he gets around so well, without eyes or even teeth. But we just think he's amazing.
We would like to give a big THANK YOU to his foster mom and dad, Olivia and Ryan. You raised a great dog and he would love a visit and wrestle anytime(when you come back).
PS: I don't know who snores louder, Harrison or his dad.
That's why they sleep together.
A note from SCARS
Harrison came to us in awful shape. He was very sick and would not have survived for long without intervention. Seeing Harrison now, it is hard to believe that he is the same dog! Thank you to all of our adopters who give these animals a second chance!