Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS) is dedicated to reducing the number of homeless animals in Northern Alberta, Canada

We believe that there is a suitable home for all homeless animals: young or old; large or small.

As a volunteer-run, registered charity, we care for these animals by providing veterinary care and foster homes for animals in need until a permanent home is found. These private foster homes provide the animals with warm shelter, food, exercise, and tender loving care (something that so many of the animals we receive have never experienced).

SCARS does not practice selective intake procedures and operates in a triage manner: taking the animal in most medical need first. As a result our medical expenses are enormous. Please consider donating to our rescue efforts.

Look At Us Now!

To date, SCARS has rescued and rehomed over 3,000 animals.

Because these animals live in our homes, we deveop a very deep bond with our fosters. Many of the adoptive families keep us updated on how well their new companions are thriving in their new homes.

To all the wonderful foster homes, all the tireless volunteers, all the compassionate furever-homes: we say a heartfelt thank-you!

Please support your local rescue society and consider adoption as opposed to buying your new friend.

Saturday, 14 February 2009


Hey everyone at SCARS;

I just thought I'd update you on how Sofee is doing. I know her foster family said that they thought she'd be the one dog whom would not be able to be adopted out, but when I saw her I knew she was the one. It's almost as though she chose me. Since then she's become quite the dog. She has an amazing personality that shines at every chance she gets. She's had some of her fur grow back since we adopted her on October 6th, 2007, and she's almost stopped licking and chewing on her paws altogether. Lately we've noticed she put on a bit of weight, which is good since when we got her she was pretty skinny. We changed the spelling of her name from Sofie to Sofee just to be completely unique. My older sister Kim had nicknamed her Magoofy at Christmas 2007 and since then she has lived up to that nickname. Her personality is most defiantly a goofy one. She's currently sitting here with her head resting on my lap, waiting for her walk, as she does everyday. At times she's even wanted to pass up eating just to go for her walk, but I always told her I'd wait for her to eat before I left. She fits in perfectly with our family, and gets along with everyone of us, even my friends say she's just like me.

With Love this Valentines Day

JoJo, Cheryl, Peter, Kimber-Lee, Rosie, and Sofee

Saturday, 7 February 2009


Well it has been about 9 weeks since my girlfriend adopted Sarah from Second Chance. She is really doing well at the acreage and has come out of most of her shyness. She is still shy with strangers, especially men, but warms up quickly especially upon the 2nd meeting. She used to be shy in the mornings but not anymore. Usually she does not let me out of her sight all day long. She loves her car and truck rides. She is getting very good at dancing especially if there is something extra in her food such as steak or hamburger. She used to gobble down her food with reckless abandon but is now way more relaxed and sometimes even leaves some leftovers for a snack later. She loves her toys but does take them outside on occasion and loses them when she gets distracted by deer in the yard. Oh well, spring will be here soon enough and I am sure we will find them along with other hidden treasures. She has really made a welcome addition.

A lot of people that we encounter are even famialr with Sarah from Global news and have seen her before. So hats off to the folks at SCARS and keep up the good work. I will keep you posted of her triumphs and tribulations!

Thanks Neil