Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS) is dedicated to reducing the number of homeless animals in Northern Alberta, Canada

We believe that there is a suitable home for all homeless animals: young or old; large or small.

As a volunteer-run, registered charity, we care for these animals by providing veterinary care and foster homes for animals in need until a permanent home is found. These private foster homes provide the animals with warm shelter, food, exercise, and tender loving care (something that so many of the animals we receive have never experienced).

SCARS does not practice selective intake procedures and operates in a triage manner: taking the animal in most medical need first. As a result our medical expenses are enormous. Please consider donating to our rescue efforts.

Look At Us Now!

To date, SCARS has rescued and rehomed over 3,000 animals.

Because these animals live in our homes, we deveop a very deep bond with our fosters. Many of the adoptive families keep us updated on how well their new companions are thriving in their new homes.

To all the wonderful foster homes, all the tireless volunteers, all the compassionate furever-homes: we say a heartfelt thank-you!

Please support your local rescue society and consider adoption as opposed to buying your new friend.

Thursday, 29 December 2005


Hannah & Meisha (aka Flower)



Hi there. Thought that I would give you some updated info on Joe.

He is doing great and a wounderful addition to our family. We have singled out a few medical problems that he has and is doing great. Those cysts on his foot, well those turned out to be broken procupine quills. They actually festered and pushed out except one that the vet took out. He was having some skin issues and putting on a lot of weight. After a complete check up, he is diagnosed with hypo-thyroidism. That is a big factor on him sleeping so much. So now he will be on meds for the rest of his years and all problems should be taken care of. Small price to pay for such a great guy.

Traveling is not his thing. I can relate, I also get car sick. He is content at home, he knows where he lives and has not left. His friend, our other dog Kaya and him are not often apart and get along well. I have forwarded a picture and will send more when he is 100% again. I have a wounderful vet who is helping us get him back to normal and we are so thankful for him. Thank you again for this light in our home and wish you all at the shelter a Merry Christmas and the best in the New Year! Theresa and Joe

Sadie (aka Blackie)

Update #1
I wanted to provide an update on a kitten, Blackie (now Sadie), that I got through Scars in July. She is such a joy to have around and a ham to say the least. She loves to play hide and seek and stalk our feet. Sadie loves to run around during the day, but at night cuddles and purrs all night long. I sent along some pictures of her in an empty raisin bran box that she jumped right into and curled up in.

There is also one of her playing with a Safeway bag. She loves bags of any sort. Thank you so much for all of the hard work your volunteers do to give animals like Sadie a second chance. I very much appreciate it .

Update #2 (Dec/05)
Sadie is still doing excellent. She is a feisty little girl who loves to play hide and seek and pounce on anything that is moving. She is a cuddle bug though and loves to sit and chat. I am so happy to have her around and can't say thank you enough for all of the hard work your volunteers do to help out animals like Sadie and so many others. It really does make such a difference.

Thank you again,
Alanna and Sadie

Lola (aka Honey)

We adopted “Lola” (originally “Honey”) from your rescue shelter this past October. We were excited to get a new puppy but could not have anticipated how much joy she has brought into our home.

Lola has a beautiful personality and everyone who meets adores her. We feel like she has been a part of our family forever, and want to thank-you for the wonderful service you provide by taking care of dogs like Lola who for some reason have been cast aside.

We have done a lot since she has come home with us – lots of playing, walks in the off-leash parks, and recent graduation from obedience school! We have discovered she is a bit of a digger (no one’s perfect!) and also an escape artist (but we now have a fortress for a dog-run).

Thanks again Second Chance – We tell everyone we know who is looking for a dog about you!!!
Love Alexis, Roger, and Lola

Friday, 11 November 2005

Buddy (aka Flippin)

It's me Buddy (used to be called Flippin ); my adopted parents decided on the name Buddy even though I'm still flippin cute, Buddy seems to fit. I could've been named Moses which was their first choice but apparently it’s very difficult to scold someone named Moses - go figure- uh uh not that I would ever need scolding :)

Anyway I am very happy with my new parents they love me to pieces and spoil me a lot. I've already traveled to Saskatchewan to meet more relatives and was cuddled and played with a lot. I travel very well - nothing to it just sit there and be catered to all the way - oh life is soooooo hard.

I've met my adopted sisters and their kids; boy I tell you, a guy could go crazy with all these girls around kissin' and huggin' a guy - good thing I have my adopted Dad around or I'd probably be wearing a dress or something when the "grandkids" come over. eewww!

I've learned many things - I can "sit" "rollover" "getit" (like fetch ya know). I'm working on my down and no bite thing - little difficult but I think I'll have it mastered soon. They say I am almost house broken so why do I have to sleep in the kennel, can't wait till I pass this test so I can sleep on that big bed with my new Mum and Dad.

Another thing I am learning is that the big oak table and chair set is NOT my chew toy! I was sure they had got that especially for me along with all the other toys.

My new Mum says thank you very much to all of you at SCARS for rescuing and letting me come and live with my new parents. Oh and she says that my name should really be "Tude" cause I have lots of it whatever that means. Bye for now, Buddy

Saturday, 10 September 2005


(web-poster note: could not locate pictures referred to but have one of Zeus)

Here are the pictures of Cindy and Zeus with their new family. Everything is going great and they are wonderful additions to the house.

The pictures of Cindy show her on her favorite couch where she waits for Karen to come home from work so she can go for her evening walk.

The pictures of Zeus are one of the few when he isn't running around all over the place.

The family picture shows Cindy, Karen, Keya, Zeus, Sarah and Sneaker. Sneaker and Keya are adjusting to the new kids in the house although for a few days did have their noses out of joint.

They will be 14 in October, but run around after the other two as if they are puppies. Quite a handful when all 4 go out for walks at the same time.

Monday, 27 June 2005


At first we were worried about Chloe not warming up to us given what happened on her first night with us. She was very shy at first but now she is a regular part of our family. She loves to sleep on the bed with us and always curls up on the couch with her favorite pillow. She loves to run in the back field with our other dog and always comes when called. She particularly enjoys the off-leash park and bird sanctuary near our house. She loves her new home and is everything we wanted in our new dog.

You would also be pleased to know that she is very smart. In just a few weeks she learned how to sit and lay down. We are working on “stay” and “heel.” All in all she is a little bundle ofenergy and joy. She enjoys stealing our other dog’s toys to get him to play, and often they wrestle and play together in the yard. She has even been teaching our other dog how to hunt birds, so birds beware….

Thank you so much for everything you did that first night. Chloe is a wonderful addition to our family and we all love her so much. We have attached a picture of Chloe for you to see how well she is doing.

Best regards,
Mike, Cassie, J.D. and Chloe

Saturday, 25 June 2005


I have been wanting to email you for some time about how Peanut is doing. I adopted Peanut a year ago from Sylvia's care. I knew Peanut would need patience and understanding from the abuse she had endured.

She is doing wonderfully and is such a great addition to my home. Peanut looks a fair bit different than when she was taken in by SCARS. She is quitered in color and actually has a curly tail and one ear that sticks up. When she first came to me she was so timid but now she does the "happy dance"when I come home or even when I come downstairs.

Though I doubt Peanut was ever in a house before she came to me she is very comfortable being inside and has made my living room couch her own. She has made friends with my cat, Myia, and is learning how to play with other dogs at the off leash parks. Toys and balls are still a mystery to her and sticks continue to scare her but she is a good listener and is even able to do a few tricks. Although she still lacks trust in strangers she is noticeably better and has started to show some affection to those she sees frequently.

I would like to thank SCARS for rescuing this wonderful dog andproviding me with the joy Peanut brings me every day. Sincere thanks, Anne

Thursday, 23 June 2005


Hiya! It's me Harper and it's been, like a person year since I last saw the awesome people at SCARS!!! Did you miss me? My puppy-but-almost-grown-out-of-puppy person told me that my friend Mayor got a good home. Good thing, 'cause i wouldn't want to see him sittin' at SCARS the rest of his life.

In my family there are two little puppy people (they used to pull my ears and fur but I very patiently taught them not to with a few gentle nips), a big puppy person (he likes playing with me and I trained him to play fetch with him fetching), a puppy-but-almost-grown-out-of-puppy person (she plays with me in the mornings and lets me run around in the yard. She tries to catch me and I play the winner), a mom person (she lets me sleep in my own bed-right beside hers!) and a dad person (jeez...you never can train those dads to stay home...). We used to have a bit of a cat problem, which I very bravely terminated. Kinda. Sorta. Not Really. It ran away. I was good throughout the entire process. *shudder* Moving on.....

See,Sylvia, I used to have this problem where my people would go away for the day. Even my most beggingest eyes couldn't keep them home. They started bringing tasty things home so I had to play Mr. Nicedog. But some night, I'll be lying in my bed (upside-down) and I'll hatch up a plan.....(Well it's comfy upside-down!) I have another problem. Sometimes me and my people family go for a walk and we visit some friends. They have people and dogs. There are two pups and one older one. But even the pups are bigger than me!!! And they are all girls!!! It is simply nauseating!!! But that makes me think about last summer when I spent a few weeks at a dog sitter's place. Well...they had this cheeky little thing (a chihuahua) that told me I could try his bed out..well I didn't fit but the sitters caught me and took a picture and THEY SENT IT TO MY PEOPLE!!! These people are just so wierd sometimes!

Well, I could go on for ages about my first year. My jingly ball presents for Christmas, my trips to the groomers, the train incident (umm...embarrassing!), the sprinkler thing, oh it's just too good! Well, I can't say it all but I've GOT to tell you! My puppy-but-almost-not person sometimes comes home smelling like you guys! I just don't get it!!! It's like, freaky! I don't know, but I better go. I can't talk forever, so the last thing I'll tell you is that my birthday was decided to be May 27. My people decided. Okay, I really should go! Hope all the dogs get as great homes as I did! See ya! -Harper

Thursday, 26 May 2005


Penny has added joy to our life following the sudden death of our other dog.

She is becoming quite comfortable around us in particular the children. She is very quiet but when she bounds up the stairs after our son with her tail wagging and that 'I'm here' look in her face, she is extremely expressive.

She enjoys the off leash area behind our house. We are not quite sure what would happen if the deer which frequent the area commonly were to make an appearance - I suspect her 'come when called' would win out - I hope.
She is very patient while we are at work/school. She waits patiently in the front window surveying the activity in the street. She has also developed a love of the leather sofa in the front room. It's a tough life!!!

Thanks for all your support.

Monday, 23 May 2005


Just wanted to tell you how much we love Sammy
He is being SUCH A GOOD BOY-- we absolutely adore him. He has such a wonderful personality.
We had a birthday party for Ben this weekend with 36 guests of all ages and Sammy was the social butterfly. He casually went over to each guest for a pat on the head. He was so well behaved and calm--everyone wanted to know where we got this fantastic dog and nobody could believe we'd only had him a week and that he had been a stray / rescue dog. He retrieved
balls and played with the kids and when it was all over fell asleep sprawled out on his back with a belly full of hotdog :-)
I'm glad we took the leap of faith and made him part of our family. He is everything you said he was and more.


It was a cold day with many new people and a long drive from Westlock to Edmonton. He didn’t want to eat and although he was curious about the cat, he just needed a rest.

Marvin went in for his check up with the Holistic Vet and we found out he had a broken pelvis to go along with his many war wounds. He was a pretty sore guy but a real trooper!

Weighing in at a measly 15 lbs, all ribs and backbone, he is now a solid, muscular 21 lbs! He is in dog school and hopes to graduate into agility. He lives with his friend Palaver and went from many scratches on the nose to sunbathing buddies. He is still timid about the vehicle and some people, but has come a long way.

Thanks again for your hard work and the up keep of your website so animals like Marvin have a second chance.

Farleigh (aka Sailor)

We have renamed Sailor as "Farleigh" which is near where we used to live in England. It seemed to suit her and she is getting used to it. She is a lovely dog and as you can see has settled in very well. She loves the space we have to explore and has teamed up with Tasha, our GSD, on trips across the field next to us. She has caught several mice in the garden - both before and after the snow melted! When we had snow, she enjoyed rolling and tunnelling with her head right under the snow.
She is still chasing cars which pass our house which is a worry to us and we will continue trying to work out a way to put her off doing that. She seems to want to 'see them off' just as they go past the driveway. She loves walks up the trail in the woods and races to catch up with Fife, our Irish Setter, who goes ahead checking out the rabbit scents. She knows 'sit' now and comes to a whistle with enthusiasm. I think training her is easier because she follows what our other two dogs do. I think she is happy that she is with other dogs - she plays with Tasha a lot but Fife still isn't sure yet about playing.
Our little boy, Rordy, loves Farleigh because she is happy to be patted by him and doesn't mind if he wants to stroke her ears. When he has finished eating in the high-chair and back on the floor, he has been known to pick up dropped bits of food and take them over to Farleigh and she very gently takes the food from him so they are firm friends, which is lovely to see.
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that Sailor aka Farleigh is doing well and is happy. I will try to keep you updated and send more pictures. *Liz

Saturday, 29 January 2005


Here is Jake coming home with us on Feb 19/05. Jake’s been doing great since coming home a month ago. I have pictures of him wrestling with Bree over a toy. He loves playing with toys but Bree always has to have the one he’s got. Little Sisters!!!! He also gets along with Harley, the one year old lab next door. He comes over and they play for hours. Jake has a hard time walking after that but he has fun. He showed Bree how to break out of the yard once. I got a phone call at work from my real estate agent telling me they were at the Legion. At least they were together. Unfortunately when Stefan went to pick them up he didn’t think his car ride was long enough so he refused to get out of the car. I had to convince him to get out 2 hours later. I don’t think I have ever met a more stubborn dog!!!! He loves his walks and gets very excited when you touch his leash. He also loves getting attention and sleeps beside the bed at night. I’ve discovered that I no longer need an alarm clock because he wakes me up every morning at 6:00 to go outside and eat breakfast. I could go on and on but then I might be late for work. We love Jake and he is a wonderful dog. We are very happy to have him in our home and so is Bree.

Thank you and I’ll keep you updated. I really hope that someone will give Cindy and Champ the same opportunity. Older dogs are wonderful companions and need a home too.