Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS) is dedicated to reducing the number of homeless animals in Northern Alberta, Canada

We believe that there is a suitable home for all homeless animals: young or old; large or small.

As a volunteer-run, registered charity, we care for these animals by providing veterinary care and foster homes for animals in need until a permanent home is found. These private foster homes provide the animals with warm shelter, food, exercise, and tender loving care (something that so many of the animals we receive have never experienced).

SCARS does not practice selective intake procedures and operates in a triage manner: taking the animal in most medical need first. As a result our medical expenses are enormous. Please consider donating to our rescue efforts.

Look At Us Now!

To date, SCARS has rescued and rehomed over 3,000 animals.

Because these animals live in our homes, we deveop a very deep bond with our fosters. Many of the adoptive families keep us updated on how well their new companions are thriving in their new homes.

To all the wonderful foster homes, all the tireless volunteers, all the compassionate furever-homes: we say a heartfelt thank-you!

Please support your local rescue society and consider adoption as opposed to buying your new friend.

Monday, 30 July 2007


Rabbie is such a wonderful dog. His goal in life is simply to have fun. He loves everyone and everything - dogs, cats, kids, everyone he meets. He is slowly winning over my 14 year old cat Sammy (she didn't really want me to get another dog) and he really wants me to get him another canine brother or sister. He is a quirky dog, and although he loves to chew his squeaky toys what he really loves are finding and destroying SOS pads. Yes, really (I do not encourage this)! He makes me laugh constantly with his happy personality. He went camping last weekend for the first time and he did great. He made some new friends with the kids there that weekend, who loved him as much as he loved them.


Saturday, 21 July 2007


Hey guys!

Norton is having alot of fun at his new home in Southern Ontario on beuatiful Lake St. Clair inthe Great Lakes...although he has to get used to the humid hot summers down here he was pleased to see the groomer for a cool down look! The kids keep Norton fully engaged and he loves going for walks in the woods. Of course he is still getting used to the car rides, he's been nothing but a happy and welcome addtion to the family. Everyone comments on how beautiful he is and he is SUPER good with everyone he meets and all the children....especially his 2 year old parnter in crime :P

Norton was a bit nervous for the 4 day truck ride to our new home in Ontario but he has adjusted amazingly....we and he couldn't be happier and he wants to give a howl out to all his old brothers, sisters, cousins and friends at SCARS he misses you all and wants you to know how thankful he is for all that you did for him and do for others.

Attached is a picture of Norton being a lazy dog out by the lake in the back yard feel free to post it!


Ryan Alice, Norton and Family.

Sunday, 8 July 2007


Hi There! We just wanted to send an update on how Spudnik is doing…yes we kept his name; it was too much of a unique name not to keep it. He is growing everyday and discovering new things. He loves going to the off leash park and meeting new dogs, although the bigger ones scare him a bit but his big sister pepper ( who was not adopted through SCARS) comes to his rescue. He has grown so much from the first day we brought him home in January… he now weights a whopping 55lbs! He loves to play with pretty much everything, especially his dad’s socks! Also his sister Sally was adopted shortly after him by our good friend, so Sally and Spudnik get together at all the time to play!

We also want to say thank you to everyone at Scars for all their hard work and efforts to give these animals the homes they deserve, they are totally worth it! We can’t imagine our lives with out our little spud and pepper.

Danielle & Steve