Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS) is dedicated to reducing the number of homeless animals in Northern Alberta, Canada

We believe that there is a suitable home for all homeless animals: young or old; large or small.

As a volunteer-run, registered charity, we care for these animals by providing veterinary care and foster homes for animals in need until a permanent home is found. These private foster homes provide the animals with warm shelter, food, exercise, and tender loving care (something that so many of the animals we receive have never experienced).

SCARS does not practice selective intake procedures and operates in a triage manner: taking the animal in most medical need first. As a result our medical expenses are enormous. Please consider donating to our rescue efforts.

Look At Us Now!

To date, SCARS has rescued and rehomed over 3,000 animals.

Because these animals live in our homes, we deveop a very deep bond with our fosters. Many of the adoptive families keep us updated on how well their new companions are thriving in their new homes.

To all the wonderful foster homes, all the tireless volunteers, all the compassionate furever-homes: we say a heartfelt thank-you!

Please support your local rescue society and consider adoption as opposed to buying your new friend.

Wednesday, 22 February 2006


Like to thank you for your help in bringing Sabre "home". We really appreciate the background information and advice you gave about our pound puppy which we found lacking here in Edmonton (Second Chance really cares where their dogs go and about their welfare which is evident when we talked to see if Sabre was a "fit" in our family).

Sabre has adjusted well since August 05 as he is smart (he house-trained quickly although there were some booboo's or should I say poopoo's) and we are slowly bringing him out of his scared shell where he was hidden. We showed him patience and love and he has returned it ten-fold.

His tail is constantly wagging up high rather than tucked under his behind and we have seen a playful, energetic friend emerge. His peeing when excited problem has disappeared. Sabre now has the run of the house even when we are not home and enjoys drives in the car, his daily walks ,sleeping at the end of our bed and bones, treats and chew toys (he is a chewing machine!).

As you predicted Jan, Sabre is quite adapted at "socializing" in dog parks here in Edmonton although it took some obedience training classes and consistency. Thanks again for your help. Hope this letter offers you some hope that you are making a difference
Regards, Calvin, Karleen and Sabre

P.S we kept his name the same even though it sounds like a ten yr old dreamed it up because to us he's always been Sabre

Tuesday, 21 February 2006

Ruby Tuesday

Hi everyone at SCARS
It's me Ruby, I have been so carried away at my new home I forgot to write to you. I am having so much fun here, My Mum Emma takes me out to the off leash where I can play with all my friends and then we get to go to the pet store so I can pick out a favorite toy. My Grandpa doesn’t like me to bring home the stuffed toys because I seem to get fluff all over the house. I don’t know what he is talking about I would never do something like that..wink wink.
My grandma is also a foster to many different dogs so I help her by keeping the other puppies out of trouble by playing with them and tiring them out so they sleep.
I have learned so much since I have come to my new home. I am now fully house trained so good my mum catches me in the litter box at times…lol. I eat in the morning and in the evening and I am the only puppy that eats all my food so I always get a special treat. I also look forward to my baths and wearing my new sweater out to the off leash everyone thinks I am just sooo cute (it helps me get more treats).
I look at myself on the old scars posters and I have not change one bit. My legs are getting very long but I am still very slender. Well I must run I just wanted to let you know what I have been up to and I thankyou so very much for putting me in this loving home.
Ruby Tuesday

Thursday, 16 February 2006

Kootenay (aka Freddy)

Here is Kootenay Freddy Smith...

the vet says that he is now 6 months and is 33.5 lbs.

He is an exceptional dog.... he went to Vancouver for Xmas and saw the Ocean for the first time....went on the fairy to Victoria.....visits the ski hill frequently....and goes to the doggy park
daily to play with his friends.

We couldn't have asked for a better dog.
He has been a perfect fit and continues to bless our lives.
Thanks again....Debora and Evin.

Tuesday, 14 February 2006


Hi everyone at SCARS…
It’s me Diesel, otherwise known as Deez, or rotten dog, or an array of other words that I have yet to figure out…
Just wanted to write in and let you know how things have been going for me over the past year.
Food – did you know that you can clean out a bowl of dog food in 33 seconds! It has been done. Can you spell Pepto Bismol!
Ame – my big sister, she didn’t really want anything to do with me, but now she has too! For some reason she lets me push her around now…I want to be the boss, sort of.
Bravery – I think I am brave, however I find from time to time, I too can become very shy.
Gram – I just love when she visits, cookies all around!
Bed – great place to sleep once I can sneak on during the night. I do get told to go and sleep with Ame on our bed, but it just isn’t the same.
Kennel (aka, house) – I have become partial to my house, since I have to go in there from time to time. I actually don’t like anyone else going inside.
Snow – discovered it is just about the best thing in the world next to water – oh and food. I love running in the snow with my mouth open, it’s great until you find the yellow stuff.
Christmas – uneventful, I did get some great toys though.
Spring – mud and rocks are good to eat, not so good when you have to go to the Vet to make sure they pass though. Sticks are good fiber also.
Summer – camping is cool, but the lake is way cooler! I just love to run in the sand and have the water splash up onto my tummy. Wah hoo!
Water – I love the sprinkler and my pool… ahhh the good life… I tried to bring the sprinkler into the house this Summer, got as far as the kitchen and mom freaked out!
Fall – catching leaves before they hit the ground is great, you need focus… which I can only do for a short time, too many other things to do.
Winter again – well, where is the SNOW? I’m waiting…
Well, that is pretty much how things have been, I have a wonderful family who spoil me rotten, I’m pretty lucky, as each night my mom tells us about the homeless dogs and we say a prayer for them.
Thanks again for rescuing me! Diesel (Deez)

Tuesday, 7 February 2006


Hi! It’s me…Buddy! I’m the big handsome guy and that's my obsessive sister, Maude in the other picture. We’ve been together for almost a month now. I’m writing to you from my forever home where my folks think I’m one of the finest dogs ever. Right from the day I first came here I knew that I had come home to stay.

Sylvia and I had a long trip to get here and I was very tired that first night. I tried to stay awake (because I always want to make sure I’m doing the right thing), but pretty soon I fell asleep sitting up. My Pa showed me my special bed and I snuggled right in. Now bedtime is one of my favourite times of the day because all my family is together in one room.

Routine is very important to me so during the days this is what I do: I go for a long walk in the morning. Ma is teaching me to walk nicely. I get better at it everyday and love to hear “Good Boy!”. She calls me Buddy the Wonder Dog! Then I have peanut butter and toast for breakfast. I have to gain some weight so I’m getting a few extra treats.

After I practice my “Sit” and “Down” and “Stay” I get to relax for the day. I hang around with , Maude, who helps me not to worry. She’s a Border Collie so she’s somewhat finicky about things. She corrects me if I do something too, too goofy, but she likes me anyway and gives me lots of kisses and reassurance.

I understand now that my Ma and Pa will always come home after work. Then we have lots of hugs and lots of supper. After supper we play catch with a crazy ball that bounces every which way. We had to quit playing with it in the house as goes flying into the dining room and bounces off the walls. (I thought that was the best part!) After I’m worn out I sit down by Pa to watch TV.

Although I’m a big boy I’m not all that brave. We don’t play games that are too loud anymore. Sometimes I get scared if folks make loud noises (like cheering and clapping when I am playing Hide & Seek). Then I have to run away to my bed as fast as I can. And frankly, I only barely lived through having a bath and getting my nails cut. Ma says I’ll feel better about it next time. I’m starting obedience school tonight and that will give me more confidence.

I’ve met my cousin dog, Sunny, already. She is a rescued Greyhound who comes to visit and who likes to have sleepovers. We run and play until we cannot go another step. I have lots of other relatives, both kids and grownups. They have all been coming to meet me and they think I’m a pretty nice guy. I am so gentle I don’t even knock the toddler kid over.

Ma and Pa think I have the sweetest face and the sweetest disposition. Nobody knows where I got it. I was a stray and now I’m a pet. We all thanks SCARS for putting my photo on the internet so that Ma and Pa could pick me. I’ll keep in touch!

Love from your old Buddy.

Monday, 6 February 2006

Jacque (aka Jock)

This is Jacque, once known as Jock. He has become a big part of our family (really big!) and we love him very much. Jacque is almost 7months old and weighs in between 65 - 70 pounds and is getting bigger. We expect that he still will get a little bigger as, if left to him, he would eat until he explodes. Jacque also has strange eating habits as he will try to get his paws on most fruit and vegetables. Speaking of paws, we checked his early pictures and decided that he completely decieved us - his paws just weren't that big as a little guy. I think a burgler would have second thoughts after seeing the huge paw-prints in our backyard...

Jacque is now a creature of habit, demanding a walk before I can hit the snooze button in the morning. On weekends we regularly attend the off-leash areas - he does not seem to run out of energy until back in the van. Absolutely no problems with other dogs, in fact he is a very sociable creature. He is quite good on-leash and is starting to learn to heel - quite a quick learner. We can't wait to take him camping this year but if he gets any bigger we may have to upgrade our trailer!!

He's very smart and is wonderful with the kids. The kids love him back and they all are now very bonded, to the point where we have to establish rules about dogs on beds.

As you will tell from the pictures he is either a husky or malamute cross. We get regular compliments on how good he looks. If you look at the pictures you will see that Jacque's puppy black nose seemed to split into pink as he got older. You can really tell how big he's gotten by looking at him in his bed, which he has seriously out-grown in addition to the two collars, the puppy bowls, etc. etc...

Overall Jacque has been a wonderful addition and we thank you and SCARS for bringing him into our family. *Dan and Tina

Friday, 3 February 2006


We just wanted to let you know that Moe is doing great and we are enjoying every minute with him.

He has brought Bear out of his shell and they are best buds. He has really livened up our household although the cat would probably disagree. Moe harasses him daily, ha ha! One funny note is we can't believe how much Moe has grown. He's tripled in size and is quite long. He doesn't look that small besides Bear anymore. My girlfriend teases me that he's part St. Bernard!

Moe is a very bright, outgoing/carefree dog and full of love. He's a great addition to our family and we love him to pieces! Even when he barks in the middle of the night!! (What a great guard dog)

Thursday, 2 February 2006

Mieszko (aka Lexus)

About one year ago, I adopted a puppy from your organization.

Her name was Lexus, and I was very excited to bring her home and welcome her to my family.

One year later, she is still as wonderful as the day she came home, I thought I'd share a few pictures of her now. She goes by the name "Mieszko" now, and she's happy as can be.

Just thought I'd send a happy little note in thanks,

Take care Vyky

Wednesday, 1 February 2006


Hi Everyone,
Just thought that I would send you a picture of Ranger. As you can tell he is still as beautiful and "bear" like as ever. I meant to send them earlier in the month seeing as how this is his month on the calendar and I thought it might be neat for you to see how he has grown.

Again I can't thank you enough for Ranger he truly is the most amazing dog ever. Everyone who meets him even if they don't like pets ends up falling for him. I have even been offered some money for him! We have gotten another edition to our family our mastiff "Bizmark". Ranger is awesome with him. It is a family joke that we refer to Ranger as "The good dog" and Bizzy is the "special one" (if you know what I mean). We will be starting agility with Ranger in october.

So I guess that is all I just wanted to update you and say thanks again so much from the bottom of our hearts our life wouldn't be the same with out our special Rangie. Keep up the great work everyone. You do make a huge difference not only in the animals lives who you save but in the peoples lives who get these very special animals. Take care....