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We believe that there is a suitable home for all homeless animals: young or old; large or small.

As a volunteer-run, registered charity, we care for these animals by providing veterinary care and foster homes for animals in need until a permanent home is found. These private foster homes provide the animals with warm shelter, food, exercise, and tender loving care (something that so many of the animals we receive have never experienced).

SCARS does not practice selective intake procedures and operates in a triage manner: taking the animal in most medical need first. As a result our medical expenses are enormous. Please consider donating to our rescue efforts.

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To date, SCARS has rescued and rehomed over 3,000 animals.

Because these animals live in our homes, we deveop a very deep bond with our fosters. Many of the adoptive families keep us updated on how well their new companions are thriving in their new homes.

To all the wonderful foster homes, all the tireless volunteers, all the compassionate furever-homes: we say a heartfelt thank-you!

Please support your local rescue society and consider adoption as opposed to buying your new friend.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Sage (Pebbles)

Hello SCARS!

I just wanted to send some updated pictures of my girl Sage (formerly "Pebbles" from the Flintstones litter!). As you can see, after her rough start at life, she is a healthy happy girl, and she owes it all to you! I hardly know how to say thank you for everything you did for her and her littermates. I was told that the others had broken jaws from being abused, and Sage was one of several who had parvo. They were all going to be shot. We look at her now, likely approaching her first birthday sometime soon, and we can't imagine what could have been.
Thank you for making her important and caring for her when no one else did. She is a crazy happy little girl, full of energy and life and as feisty as they come! She loves to run, "chewies" are her favorite, she LIVES for peanut butter and steals coffee every chance she gets no matter how much trouble it gets her in! (??!) She watches tv (her favorite is the Dog Whisperer! We hope she will pick up some things by osmosis haha!! )and she thinks one of her single missions in life is to rid the world of tags! (?!) She has character and personality plus... and she is LOVELY when she is tired!! :) She now comes to us for affection, and is becoming a little less independent. She prefers to be interacting with us instead of outside on her own now, and brings us her bones to hold for her while she chews as she crawls into our laps (I think sometimes she sees us as her staff..!). She is becoming more loving and sweet and is starting to cuddle and loves to give kisses on your ear! We have worked hard together to build a bond, and we are now seeing her mature into a wonderful companion.The support that you have ALL provided me since I adopted Sage in May has been phenomenal! Thank you for keeping in touch with us and for always making us feel important. A special thank you to Colleen and Rick for loving her and keeping her safe in her foster home, I know how hard it was for you that day we sat in the grass together... saying your goodbyes and trusting me to care for her after all you had been through with her....and Pam you've been a huge support, always helping me through the challenging days, and offering advice to help make her the best girl she can be. It was more difficult than I had anticipated, taking on a little someone with a bruised past and an alpha nature...but it has been one of the most rewarding experiences and I'm so glad for it...and for her.So thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for her "Second Chance".
Keep up the amazing work, and Sage and I will continue to be proud advocates and share our story!
Happy Holidays!
xo Jen and Sage


Jac said...

awe i love it!...she is a special girl...and i'll never forget the time when she met my Klondike for the first time...still can't get over her sitting on him like that...LOL...priceless!

Anonymous said...

haha! yes,I meant it when I said she was "feisty"!! She is working on her self control!! I'm sure she would be surprised by Klondike's size difference now and perhaps would think twice about tangling with him (aka: sitting on him)!!