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Saturday, 14 October 2006


We have had Honey with us now a month and she is an amazing girl. We love her to pieces and are very happy to have her as part of our family. She is so smart and has learned so many things very easily.
We had a long trip home from Athabasca but it was a good trip. Honey curled up on one seat and Ella on the other and that is where they stayed all the way home. We stopped in Lloydminster to let the girls out for a walk and a pee and back into their seats they went for the remainder of the trip. There were no complaints from either of them.
Ella is really enjoying having Honey here, not only does she have a playmate but she now has a partner in crime to blame things on. I tell you these two are worse than siblings, lol. We have a rabbit that we got about 3 months ago and it is in it's hutch in the backyard where it drove Ella crazy for the first two months. She tried and tried to get at that rabbit but listened very well when told no. The past month or so she has left it alone. That is until Honey arrived...the first morning here when I put the girls out back Ella ran straight for the rabbit hutch and started barking and of course that brought Honey running. Well it only took about 5 mins and Honey had the wire on the cage broke and her head in the cage. She did not get the rabbit but when I came out and gave them both trouble Ella sat there barking at Honey and looking at me as if to say, "it is all her, not me!" All is well now though with the rabbit. I should of known something was up as soon as I put them out because Ella never barks so when she does you know there is something up.
Ella is use to going everywhere with me and it is very seldom that she gets left at home and when she does she is a very good girl. Honey is now too getting use to coming with me, so when I do have to leave them both behind they have decided this is not acceptable. I don't know who starts but they have both got caught digging holes in my flower garden area out back (no major damage done), and they are getting better with not digging. They spill their water buckets and chew them up, so now its time for steel pails. They chew up anything they can find that is not a toy or bone. When I come home though they both look at me with sad faces, then look at one another as if they are pointing saying; "she did it!" It is very amusing but a mess I can do without. They have only been left alone in the house for short periods of time but have destroyed nothing. Only messes have been outside so that is great. Ella is very well behaved in the house but Honey I wasn't sure on so it has been only very short periods but I feel confident that she would be fine for longer periods now. When I am home her house manners are great. She does try to get at things but takes NO right away and stays away from anything that is not a toy in the house. She learned very well that toys are the only things that she can chew on in the house and boy does she chew them. Like Ella, she rips all the squeakers out of toys, stuffing is gone in no time and the rope toys are shredded into tiny threads, lol. So needless to say they get new toys quite often, lol.
Honey and Ella respect each other and have had no problems adjusting to sharing a house except when Honey tries to sit in Ella's chair. Ella will share food, toys, treats anything ... but NOT her chair. There was a few growls the first couple times Honey tried to sit in the chair now respects that it is Ella's chair. Ella will put up with lots but has made it clear she is the boss and Honey has excepted that. They have learned to share the couch though. This was the common ground that they found. Ella may not share the chair but they found that the couch has enough room for them both. They each have their own beds in my room and they sleep great. When it is bedtime Honey settles right down and goes to sleep and like Ella does not move until I get up in the morning.
Honey is great on a leash for her walks and great at the off leash park. She has gone to my stepsons football game and just lies there with Ella and watches the game. She does not bother anyone nor does she try running around chasing the kids or the ball. She is wonderful with the little kids that have been around here and everyone that has met her just loves her. She thinks she is a little lap dog though. She loves to be cuddled and climbs right up on my lap and will sit there for as long as I will let her. As you will see in the pictures. The pictures were taken on Oct 9th, I was watching the Eskimo game and she decided that I had the best seat in the house and wanted to watch the game with me, she climbed right up on my lap and stayed there for about an hour when she got to heavy for me. Ella gets jealous but now they have learned to share. I sit on the couch with one on each side of me and they put their heads on my lap and they are happy.
Well I guess I have gone on long enough. There is so much that I could write about but I will quit now. All in all Honey is a wonderful well-behaved girl and we love her to pieces and are very happy with our decision to adopt her. She fits right into our family and we cannot imagine what it would be like with out her now.
All the best to everyone at SCARS. Hugs and kisses to all from Honey and Ella. Take care,Alison

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